Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Submariner Replica

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Rolex Submariner is a line of sports watches made by Rolex for divers. Rolex Submariner models are well-known for their resistance to corrosion and water. These wristwatches can properly function even in the 300-meter-deep water. The first Submariner was released in 1954. It was introduced to the world during the Basel Watch Fair. Later, owing to its unique features and top-notch quality materials, this Rolex model has become very popular among the fans of classic accessories and professional sportsmen. Rolex Submariner belongs to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual family.

Early Rolex Submariner Models

The production of the Submariner began in 1953. Its first reference number was 6204 (or 6205 as some experts consider). The first watches of this line do not even have the “Submariner” name on their dials because of some unexpected trademark issues that the company encountered at that time. In 1954, Rolex released ref.6200 Submariners. They are known for being the first Submariners to make use of Mercedes hand set, which then became a stable feature of all subsequent Submariners. Besides, 6200 had an oversized winding crown, which was modified in later Submariners. Thus, the ref.6536 had a small winding crown, and the ref.6538 had an oversized one. The same Submariners were designed with improved movements, the Submariner logo, and depth rating printed on their dials. Early Submariners had gilt or silver printing on their black dials. Luminous indices were painted with radium paint, which was substituted with tritium-infused paint in the early 1960s.

The 5512 became the first chronometer Submariner, which was a significant change in the appearance of this Rolex design. In 1966, Rolex discontinued use of gilt and silver dials and switched to white printing. In the late 1960s, the 1680 model became the first Rolex Submariner with a date function. That was also the time when the Submariner line was no longer a specialist tool watch only. It turned into a mass market accessory.

Later Rolex Submariner Models

Over the next 40 years, Submariners underwent many changes including new movements, improved water resistance, and cosmetic changes. In 2003, the Rolex Submariner-Date model was released. It was dedicated to the Submariner’s 50th anniversary, and its production stopped in 2010. This model features maxi dial and green bezel. Later, blue Rolex Submariner bezel became also available on yellow and white gold models.

In 2008, the Submariner-Date was improved with the GMT II case, cerachrome bezel, heavier crown guard and lugs. In 2010, Rolex also released this model of Submariner in steel case.

In 2012 Rolex launched Submariner ref.11460, which had a newer maxi case, blue Parachrom hairspring, ceramic bezel, and bracelet with the “Glidelock” adjustment system.

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Submariner Characteristics

  • Waterproof (max. depth – 300m)
  • Case made from 904L solid stainless steel, gold (yellow or white), and corrosionresistant alloy
  • Bezel, which rotates only clockwise allowing divers to memorize and follow their immersion time
  • Automatic calendar mechanism
  • Perpetual rotor in the selfwinding watch mechanism allowing the Submariner to run continuously
  • Laseretched Rolex Crown located under the 12 o’clock mark.

Widely considered to be a classic among Rolex wristwatches, you cannot go wrong with your choice of the Submariner, whether it is the original Reference 6205 or the contemporary Reference 116619LB (Rolex Submariner-Date 40mm in white gold with 3135 movement and blue bezel).

Rolex uses only top-notch materials such as 904L stainless steel and 18-karat yellow or white gold, thus, ensuring everyone that their timepieces will stand the test of time and deep waters when worn by divers. The Oyster bracelet ideally combines the perfect form and function as well as design and technology. It is an ode to the modern watchmaker’s skill in creating durable, functional, and beautiful timepieces.

Genuine vs. Replica Rolexp

Many people consider Rolex to be the most counterfeited luxury watch brand. No wonder, as its watches are famous for their top-grade quality, exceptional design, and tremendous popularity among celebrities all around the world. Thus, these designer watches are desired by plenty of people. However, their high price makes them unreachable for many Rolex enthusiasts. For this reason, they often opt for fake Rolex watches. Although, it’s worth mentioning that not all replica wrist watches offer the same quality.

If you want to buy top-grade replica Submariner in the UK, consider various options offered at our store. Our imitation Rolex watches are manufactured with close attention to the smallest details. You can find fake Submariners that have almost completely imitated the genuine ones. The only difference will be in the cheaper materials they have been made from.

Reasons to Buy Replica Rolex Wristwatches

There are several reasons why people decide to buy replica Rolex watches:

  • Rolex is one of the most prestigious wristwatch brands in the world. Its watches are also among the most expensive timepieces. People with an average income usually consider it to be a waste to spend several thousands of dollars on a watch. A goodquality replica can become a sufficient substitute.
  • Some people believe that replica Rolexes look exactly like the real ones and it would be difficult for anyone to spot a fake watch.
  • There are people, who wish to look fashionable, stylish, and dashing without the expensive price tag.

A replica is a great alternative for wristwatch enthusiasts charmed by the Submariners history and looks, especially if it is a really good quality replica.

We have Submariners that will challenge even the most experienced Rolex experts when it comes to telling them apart. The details of our replicas are so precise that there are not many things which would distinguish them from the original Submariners other than their reduced price tag.

The Rolex Submarine bezel, crown, and case are almost identical. They are placed in the right place. The dial and everything on it also looks like identical, starting from the numbering and the Rolex logo and finishing with the seconds, hour, and minute hands.

Like the original Rolex Submariners, our replica Submariners are finished in a polished stainless steel that is aimed at increasing their aesthetic value as well as their durability.

Rolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner ReplicaRolex Submariner Replica

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